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Payment Arrangements

The ADEPT Program fee must be paid by the end of the program. It is typically NOT paid by insurance or third party payers. For your convenience, it can be broken into two payments.
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ADEPT (Alcohol and Drug Education Prevention and Training) is an intervention and education program created to assist people who have encountered problems with chemical use such as DUI or employment related. It is more than DUI education, but less than treatment. During the two -  six hour sessions the participants will:

*  Learn where they fit into the continuum of use

* Understand effects of alcohol on the body and B.A.C. (Blood alcohol content)

* Recognize the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and / or  chemical dependency

* Acquire new skills to assist them in making responsible decision in regards to their use including abstinence.

*Complete a chemical health contract based on their individual situation.


                                 (507) 529-1758


Mailing Address

Perkins Counseling Center 

821 3rd Ave SE, Suite 90

Rochester, MN 55904