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Program Phases

Phase 1:  12 Weeks

Two - three hour group sessions a week for 12 weeks.

Phase 2:  6 Months

Client follows their customized Aftercare Plan with six month follow up.
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* 8 (Eight) hours DUI Class offered for first time DUI Offenders, only.

* Helps reduce this risk of another violation

* Educates people about the risks of drinking and driving, and more probable consequences.

* Fee is due and payable at start of class.


The Perkins Outpatient

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Perkins Outpatient Program

The Perkins Outpatient Treatment Program is designed to treat people with chemical abuse and addiction problems. 

If you or someone you know has experienced any of the following due to drinking or drugs, this program may be appropriate for you or them:

* Multiple DUIs

*Financial Problems

*Family Concerns about
 Addictive Behavior

*Employment Problems 


The Perkins Outpatient Program is licensed by the State of Minnesota. During the program the client will:

*Learn signs and symptoms of abuse and addictions

*Gain further insight into the nature and progression of addiction

*Recognize the effects of their addictive behavior on themselves as well as others

*Develop and addiction free lifestyle 

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